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Constructed in the eighteenth century, Guarará farm houses cachaças aged up to 20 years

19 de February de 2018

Those who stay at Fazenda da Chácara Hotel have the opportunity to take part in one of the most interesting tours in Santana dos Montes: the Guarará Farm Tour. The site has several attractions, such as the Loba Brewery factory, dairy production and grape plantations and vetiver grass.

Another option that also attracts the public is the alembic built on the farm, dating from the eighteenth century. The site, which consists of stone walls, as well as conserving a large water mill, also houses huge oak barrels and amburana that go from floor to ceiling. In these containers occurs the aging process of the cachaça bought from local suppliers. Some batches have been in this procedure for about 20 years. The practice guarantees the modification of the chemical properties of the drink and adds new colors, flavors and aromas to the cachaça. After the aging process, the cachaça is labeled and sold as Cachaça Itaveravense. The drink can be found at the hotel or at the local market.

The Fazenda da Chácara Hotel is part of a complex that includes the Fazendas do Guarará and Caatinga. The development, located in the municipality of Santana dos Montes, in Minas Gerais, comprises an area of ​​126 hectares, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. It is integrated to the Estrada Real, in the circuit Villas and Farms of Minas Gerais and Route Gold Farms.

With a good infrastructure, the hotel has been featured in the hotel business. The place has large and new rooms (newly renovated); pool; Pub; restaurant; kiosks; steam room; Academy; game room; tavern for events; orchard; fishing lakes; Chácara Bike Park (set of pistes for the practice of Mountain Bike). The hotel also provides bicycles and quad biking for guests wishing to wander the trails that surround the property. There is also the possibility of trekking and horse riding. In addition to a tour of Fazenda Guarará, the hotel offers guests a tour of the historical center of Santana dos Montes. For more information, please contact one of our communication channels.

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