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Capim-Vetiver is one of the highlights in the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel

16 de January de 2018

In the area of ​​one thousand hectares that includes the Farms of the Chácara, Guarará and Caatinga about 20 products are cultivated. The most important of these is the vetiver grass. Of Indian origin, the plant has its main use as anti-erosion, in the containment of slopes and protection of degraded areas. Its leaves, like the golden grass, can be used in the making of costume jewelry and the root is extracted the patchouli essence.

The vetiver was brought in a pioneering way to Brazil in 2007 and planted at Fazenda do Guarará. About one million seedlings are sold per year for companies dealing with large areas under construction. “Vetiver is widely used as India and Bangladesh.It is an extraordinary plant that takes advantage of everything and with a very fast production cycle.The resistance of the vetiver root is comparable to one sixth of the resistance of the sweet steel. to be used on the margins of all highways in Brazil, helping to minimize the risk of erosion and landslides that so many problems and losses cause every year.We now sell to companies that carry out major engineering works, “explains Pereira.