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Meet the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel’s coffee plantation

26 de April de 2018

The coffee planted at Fazenda da Chácara Hotel is the Catuaí Vermelho, one of the Arabica coffee species. Catuaí was 100% developed in Brazil, being obtained through the crossing of two varieties of coffee: Mundo Novo and Caturra. It is present in most Brazilian crops, because it is easy to harvest and adapts to almost all regions. The term Catuaí, in Tupi-Guarani, means “very good” and refers to the quality of the species. The coffees produced from it tend to be mild, mild, with medium acidity, sweet and unctuous flavor.

The Fazenda Hotel’s plantation has approximately 24,000 feet of coffee. The steps of planting, harvesting and drying the coffee are carried out in the hotel, by hand. The cultivation is done in a sustainable and conscious way, inspired by the concept of agroforestry, in which the planting is established without the need to deforest the surrounding vegetation. One of the benefits of this type of cropping is that the trees minimize the climatic factors (sun, rain, winds) that excessively affect the plantation.

Besides sustainable cultivation, another point that stands out in the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel’s coffee plantation is the harvest. The ripe fruits, reddish-colored, are removed from the foot, while the green fruits are left in the bush until they mature. Each one is harvested according to the maturation time itself, which guarantees the quality of the cultivated fruit and the final product. The coffee produced at Fazenda da Chácara Hotel is named and sold as Café da Chácara. It is marketed on the property and can be enjoyed by those staying at the hotel.