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Enjoy with Santana dos Montes

01 de November de 2018

Santana dos Montes is synonymous with history, tranquility and natural beauties to take your breath away. The municipality is considered the pole of rural tourism, are estates and historic majestic mansions, which preserve the air of the eighteenth century.
During the Gold Cycle the promise that the region would have large deposits brought Portuguese expeditions to Minas Gerais, bandeirantes like Antônio Quirino, came in search of new riches. In the quest for fortunes, Quirino left the village of Itaverava where he was and settled in the place known today as “Fazenda Velha”. He soon realized that the land was fertile and began to devote himself to agricultural production, rather than mining. Rumors quickly spread, entire families settled in.
In 1749, the residents Antônio Duarte Correia and Manuel André, had the initiative to build a chapel, the chosen patron was Senhora Santana. As early as 1840, the district of Santana do Morro do Chapéu was created. Many were the names until the municipality was named Santana dos Montes in 1948, among them, Morro do Chapéu and Catauá.
Today is not only the charm of historic buildings that catch the attention of tourists, horseback riding or carriage rides, waterfalls, ecological trails enchant every visitor. The typical Minas delights attract the unique aroma and flavor, the handcrafted manufacture of sweets such as sweets, cheeses and biscuits, as well as the production of cachaça and beer. About 130km from Belo Horizonte, the city is the ideal destination for those who seek quiet moments amidst the stressful routine of the big city.