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Hotel Fazenda da Chácara will hold an artistic exhibition during the month of July

06 de June de 2018

Between the first days and July 31, the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel will be the stage of the exhibition “Pra Quê Qui Serve That” by the plastic artist from Minas Gerais, Eli Rodrigues Pereira. The event will commemorate Eli’s 70 years and the name of the exhibition, according to the artist, represents a question raised by his mother about the works he created as a child.

Eli is a plastic artist, poet and self-taught lyricist. Born in Queluzito and living in the city of Conselheiro Lafaiete, in Minas Gerais, Eli graduated in Electrical Engineering, but for 28 years he left the profession to devote body and soul to art. Some of his works are known nationally and internationally, being exhibited in countries like Brazil, United States, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Eli is a peculiar, original, authentic and unusual figure to this day. It is the materialization of various cultural references. The artist is a bit of everything, it is poetry at its core. With a singular appearance, he lavishes hair on his shoulder, beard and mustache long and gray, hippie style. He wears simple and relaxed outfits. Through their speeches, gestures and manner of being, a sensitive nature is revealed, dreamy, bohemian and bon vivant. About himself, Eli states: “there are many ways to be, mine is to be an artist”.

Eli’s collection includes poetry, sculptures, canvases and gourds. Although his creations span multiple artistic styles and styles, the most recurrent in his repertoire is contemporary. Your work can be considered quite intuitive, sensitive, imaginative and creative. Through art, he intends to convey to the viewer a positive and optimistic view of life, highlighting the beauty and joy of living. For this reason, his works are vibrant and full of colors. His production also touches on freedom, represented by a bird called Cara-Coração, whose name is invented by the artist. All works contain Cara-Coração, which portrays the personification of personal liberation, the symbolic rebirth of Eli after meeting the call of art. The inspiration to create, according to the artist, derives from the everyday, from moments, experiences and gestures, in addition to the production of other artists.

The main materials used to compose his works are the pencil, the ink pen, pens and inks. Instead of using a brush, the artist opts for the ink pen because of the precision it gives to the stroke. Thus, his works are full of minute details and carefully designed. Eli also works with objects that people throw in the trash, like can covers. What is considered useless and disposable to many, turns into art in the eyes and hands of the artist, who recycles, reinvents and recreates.

The question “Pra Quê Qui Serve Isso”, purposely or not, defined as the name of the exhibition, in a general context, proposes a reflection on what art is, what its role is and what it represents to us. In a more particular context, the questioning leads the viewer to immerse himself in the artist’s works and to dialogue with them.