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Church and Square Matrix – Santana dos Montes / MG

14 de August de 2017

The Santa Ana Matrix began with a simple chapel, erected by local residents in 1749. With the growth of the extinct village of “Morro do Chapéu”, which originated the city of Santana dos Montes, the Matrix was enlarged and received

The chapel of the Sant’Ana Matrix was erected in 1749 by the local residents, and with the growth of the “Morro do Chapéu” settlement, which gave birth to the city of Santana dos Montes, it was also developed and expanded. In 1751, a curate was instituted in the place, filiando it to the then Matrix of Carijós, the current Matrix of Conselheiro Lafaiete. And in 1880, the Santana Matrix was canonically instituted as a parish, served by a priest.

With paintings attributed to Francisco Xavier Carneiro, disciple of Master Athaíde, the Church has preserved details and original items like doors and windows.

In front of the church was built a charming square, known as Praça da Matriz, the stage of much of the social life of Santana dos Montes.

The church, the square and all the surrounding houses, about thirty houses from the 17th and 18th centuries were listed by the Municipal Historical Heritage and preserve the colonial style.