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Millennial tradition present at Fazenda da Chácara Hotel

28 de August de 2018

When visiting the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel our guests have the opportunity to go back in time and get to know the culture of the olive trees up close. The great admiration and respect that we have for the cultivation, made that in the end of 2016, we began the planting and creation of Oliveira.

Denilson and Éder, are responsible for caring with care and attention of about 1000 feet of olive trees of three different varieties, which although typical of other countries, have adapted very well to the Brazilian soil. The cultivated qualities are the Arbequina, taste more spicy when the olive is harvested green and sweeter when they are more mature.

Arbosana makes the oil spicy and slightly bitter, has a medium fruity character. Koroneiki, however, makes the oil produced by it very fruity, with notes of green apple, and also has a certain spice and a bit of bitterness.
From the third year of planting, we will be able to provide our consumer with a unique experience, the three species of olive trees will be responsible for giving a special touch to our olive oil.