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Hotel Fazenda da Chácara launches new attraction

10 de May de 2018

The Patience Trail, the newest attraction of the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel, is a bicycle tour, aimed at groups of beginners or professionals. Developed with the objective of sharing the landscapes and stories of the region of Santana dos Montes, the itinerary encompasses a journey of three hours, with a distance of approximately 23.5 km. The activity is ideal for those who like adventure, fun, history, culture and contact with nature.

The script of the tour is breathtaking. The start is given in the tracks of Bike Park, located in the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel which houses a set of mountain bike tracks. After going through three of them, the group heads towards the historic center of Santana dos Montes. Getting there, it is possible to contemplate the architecture of the colonial houses of the eighteenth century, visit the handicraft workshop with vetiver grass and visit the Mother Church of Sant’Ana, dated 1749, which houses paintings by Francisco Xavier Carneiro, disciple of Master Athayde.

Once you have traveled through the city center, the group follows a path with breathtaking views of the Serra da Mantiqueira, towards a destination that hides amazing stories: Fazenda Paciência. Arriving at the property, the staff takes a break to snack, rest and get to know the local attractions. Built in the eighteenth century, the Fazenda Paciência had much of its original structure preserved. In addition to the colonial architecture, the site maintains a replica of the house of Jesus Christ and the longest book in the world, according to Guinness World Records, both projects designed by the owner.

After the visit to the Solitary Farm, the cyclists are taken to Fazenda Guarará, the last destination of the itinerary. The final stretch of the journey announces beautiful rural landscapes of Santana, closing with gold key the entire path. Entering the property, the team heads to the Great Lake of Guarará, where they pause for a snack and take the transportation to start the farm tour for the attractions of the farm. The first stop is in the vineyards, to know a little more about the process of producing grapes and wines. The second is in the still, where the group will receive a brief explanation about the history of the farm and the aging process of cachaças and aguardentes in the property, besides being able to try the drink. The tour ends at the Cervejaria Loba factory, with a technical visit to the place and the tasting of the beer in the beer bar. After the tour, the group returns to the Hotel Fazenda da Chácara to have lunch and participate in the fraternization in the pool area.

During the whole trip, the group will be accompanied by a guide. The ride is paid and needs at least ten people to be performed. Included in the package are day-use at the hotel, breakfast, post-pedal snack at Fazenda Paciência, lunch, cachaça tasting and artisanal beer. For more information, please contact us through our communication channels.

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