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Bike Park

Rates (Price per person):
– 01 Ticket (Circuit / Parking / Shower) – R$50,00
– 02 to 09 Tickets (Circuit / Parking / Shower) – R$40,00
– Group 10 or + People (Circuit / Parking / Shower) – R$30,00

Day Use at Hotel (Lunch not included / Price per Person):
– 01 Ticket (Circuit / Parking / Shower / Day Use) – R$140,00
– 02 to 09 Tickets (Circuit / Parking / Shower / Day Use) – R$120,00
– Group 10 or + People (Circuit / Parking / Shower / Day Use) – R$100,00


1. Signaling:

– The Chacara Bike Park has 18 km of trail in an area of ​​Atlantic forest and closed with obstacles in woods and natural. All trails are marked using signage plates containing track name information, difficulty level (0 to 10) and which mode.
– It is essential to respect the PARE / PREFERENCE plates for horses, buggies, pedestrians and quadricycles.
– It is fundamental to respect the direction of the tracks (never go in a prohibited direction).
– Do not cut paths in other areas not delimited by Bike Park.

2. Rules and Recommendations:

– It is forbidden to travel on the tracks without the driver’s nameplate (remove it at the reception).
– It is strictly forbidden to travel through Bike Park without the use of safety equipment (helmet and gloves).
– It is recommended the use of sunscreen, goggles and clothes suitable for the practice of the sport.
– It is recommended that the cyclist take with him hydration means: bottle of water and / or backpack.
– It is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages before and during the use of the trails.
– Rescue and rescue services can take up to one (1) hour, so we do not recommend traveling alone on the trails.
– Along the trails the telephone coverage area is limited.

3. Hours and Operation:

– Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays from 08:00 to 16:00 hours. We will give a tolerance of 15 (fifteen) minutes for the return of the trails. If the cyclist does not respect the closing time, he will be permanently suspended from using Bike Park.
– Payment of the Bike Park ticket must be made at the hotel reception (credit card, debit card and cash) at the entrance of the cyclist.
– The use of hotel facilities (leisure area, restaurant, pool bar) is restricted to guests or those who join the day use ticket.

4. Risks:

– The tracks of Chácara Bike Park are located in open and closed woods, with ascents and descents like bridges, ramps and other obstacles like rocks, tree stumps and shrubs. A fall on them can result in serious injury.
– There is the possibility of contact with insects, venomous animals and others that are in their natural habitat. We do not recommend using the trails people who have allergies, pregnant or any other condition that makes it impossible to practice the sport.
– The cyclist and / or dependent are subject to injuries and bruises from mild to severe, caused by falls and shocks that may occur during the activity.
– We are not responsible for weather phenomena such as rains, lightning, winds, falling branches and logs.

5. Change of operation:

– Chácara Bike Park has the right to close or change days and hours of operation without prior notice due to adverse weather conditions and / or closed events that occur in the hotel’s premises.