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Tour of Fazenda Guarará

28 de July de 2017

Located a few miles from Fazenda da Chácara Hotel, Fazenda Guarará has one of the most incredible tours of our lodging guide. With its own transportation, by micro-bus, our guests take a trip in time getting to know elements that once were part of everyday life.

At Fazenda Guarará Cachaça Itaveravense is produced, which values ​​local producers when using raw materials from the region. Visitors will also be able to get to know the alembic built in the 18th century with a water mill, stone walls, and barrels that go from floor to ceiling with rum cigars aged 20 years.

The farm is also known for milk production, marketing more than 2,700 liters of milk per month, with the excellence in production that this noble food deserves. Visitors can learn about the creation of dairy cows and the sectorization of production that guarantees quality milk.

The tour includes a visit to the grapes plantation, 6 hectares of vineyards, producing special grapes that give rise to wines, jellies, sweets, juices etc. The grapes are taken to EPAMIG in Caldas / MG, for the winemaking process, and on returning they receive the label Dos Montes or go to oak barrels for reservation. In addition to getting to know the plantation, the barrels and barrels, visitors can visit an intimate and cozy wine cellar.

And in terms of plantations, Fazenda Guarará is also home to Capim-Vetiver planting, a plant of Indian origin, brought in a pioneering way to Brazil in 2007 and planted here, used as an anti-erosion agent in the containment of slopes and protection of areas Degraded. The leaves can be used in the production of costume jewelry, and from the root is extracted the essence Patchoulli, taking advantage of the plant to the maximum.

Still on this visit, we arrived at the Loba Brewery to know the manufacturing process and taste the special beers developed.